"Seize the Day"

Runtime: 3 min. 58 sec.

“Seize the Day” is a musical theatre piece reminding us that despite being socially distanced, we don’t have to be creatively distanced. This piece is inspired by its title, encouraging us to “Seize the Day,” come together and dance to put on a show.


"Tongue in Cheek Musical Take On COVID-19"

Runtime: 4 min. 24 sec.


Out of sheer boredom I put my own words to a Cole Porter song I had performed a few times in theatres in Fresno.


"Where is Here"

Runtime: 6 min. 49 sec.

This song is the third song off of The Quarantine EP. It discusses themes of isolation, reflection and nostalgia during a time in which many of us have had a little too much time to think about which paths to take.



Runtime: 3 min. 28 sec.

After we realized that we wouldn't be able to get together and rehearse for the foreseeable future, we had the idea to write and record a song about being socially isolated while being socially isolated. Thus, "Reset," inspired by the dislocation from reality that the peak days of the quarantine brought on. With a single guitar and vocal track as a foundation, "Reset" was built piece by piece: drums, bass, guitars, lead vocals, backing vocals and percussion all recorded alone in our homes without the benefit of being the same time and place as the other musicians, but with each band member trusting that the others would instinctively know what to do after years of playing music together. The video was done in the same way: each band member recorded themself playing and singing their parts of the song, and the video was edited so that it was clearly obvious that while each musician was in a different physical space, all four members shared the same mental and emotional space.



Runtime: 3 min. 41 sec.

The song and accompanying music video are about struggling with isolation, depression and alcoholism. The video and song were recorded by each performer at home, May 2020.


"The One on the Right (Is on the Left)"

Runtime: 4 min. 30 sec.

Using a bit of humor to bring out a message on political divisions within the context of isolation.


"Wake up Lil Susie"

Runtime 2 min. 45 sec.

Part 2 of ongoing video series.


"The Traveler"

Runtime: 3 min. 20 sec.

Ruth’s first song and video were written in isolation.  The idea of it being a homemade work that shows we really don’t “know what we are doing” but are doing it anyway in defiance of “slick production values.” A true collaboration between us.


"Get Together"

Runtime: 3 min. 34 sec.

Ruth’s favorite song as a child is a song of unity that can be applied today. It includes our quirky comedy too!


"Hearts Desire"

Runtime: 4 min. 26 sec.

The lyrics to "Hearts Desire" were written in a spirit of optimism and long before these strange times of this year's pandemic. They seem to relate in a broader context now. May there be found in this video some beauty, solace, and hope.


"Blackbird (Cover)"

Runtime: 3 min. 34 sec.

During the pandemic, I have made it a personal mission to perform for free on Facebook Live once a week to help others escape from reality even for just a few minutes.



"Ain’t Got Nowhere to Go"

It’s satire...a bit of an exaggeration of how I was feeling during lock-down, living with two men (husband and adult son). I basically was lamenting about seeing the same people every day, eating too much, needing a drink, food shortages at the grocery store, needing a haircut, etc.

Creative Literary Expression


"Surge Protection"


Remain stoic in the solitary moments, control what you can, be present, patient, and know this too will pass.


"Understanding the Fox"

Lyric Essay

This brief essay was written for the Yonsei Memory Project's "Valley Writers Respond," and a portion of it was recorded for a Valley Public Radio feature. The Yonsei Project is coordinated by Brynn Saito and Nikiko Masumoto. I was given the prompt, "wonder," and wrote this in response. Here's a link to the original:


"Memory Yards"


This piece was written for the online anthology/archive "How We Are," which asked writers "how you're doing during the pandemic," and was originally published here:
It was inspired by my thinking about "reading" front yards as I've been riding my bike around Fresno and then remembering some of my front yard antics as a boy. It's in part a meditation on isolation and connection. 




Documenting my state of relationships during self-isolation during COVID.


"Across Quarantine"


I composed the first draft of this poem about five days after quarantine started. My poetry mentor gave me a prompt to start a poem with the lines "Lend me your ears." Although I shed those words in later drafts of the poem, it got me started because it spoke to my desire to reach out to others during quarantine—to support others and be supported myself. I had some phone calls in that five-day stretch that were pivotal for my mental well-being—calls with friends and one with someone I met on a dating app (trying to talk to dating prospects during quarantine is a whole other mess). So although the poem is written as a continuous narrative, it's actually an amalgamation of different anecdotes.


"Pieced Together "


I both savor being lost in a jigsaw puzzle and also bemoan having lost hours to more creative pursuits. Once I begin, I can become addicted.

Visual Art