Runtime: 3 min. 44 sec.

This piece is the second track from my first EP,  The Quarantine EP, titled Carbon. The EP was written, composed and recorded during the first three months of the Pandemic hitting the United States. It was inspired by Nate Butler's The Local Show on Fresno State Radio, as he asked artists to write songs about what we are experiencing during this time. Carbon is inspired by the threat that this virus poses to humanity and the unity we share in this battle. It discusses themes such as illness, wellness, community and togetherness.


"1:13:00 or, Everything I Never Wanted"

Runtime: 1 min 13 sec

Much of my body of work is a commentary on the general anxieties many of us face in this contemporary world. In keeping consistent with this theme, I chose to integrate abstract biomorphic video imagery of people walking outdoors in public. The soundtrack is an edited recording of medical equipment alerting the hospital personnel that a patient is no longer breathing. Another part of the soundtrack is that of a ventilator. Lastly, the deaths in the United States from Covid-19 since February 1st until September 10th is on average 1 person every 1 minute 13 seconds. And so the title, 1:13:00 or, Everything I never Wanted.

Creative Literary Expression


"Distance Learning: ICU"


I work as a paramedic running 911 COVID calls as well as transferring patients into the hospital's COVID units. Seeing room after room full of intubated patients on ventilators was eye opening. Stories of loved ones dying alone and how medical professionals were stepping out of the box to be present for their last moments, using technology to let families say goodbye, inspired this poem.


"I Choose Love" 


'I Choose Love" is the Poem that accompanies the assemblage mixed media piece of the same name, also submitted herein. Inspiration for all the pieces submitted to Pandemical arise from my work with clients seeking to release anger, rage, grief, loss and shame caused by trauma through rage releasing work I offer through my business, The Art of Anger. The poem is reminds us that we all have a choice to make between fear, or LOVE.


"my spine becomes an armadillo circus" 


My poem, "my spine becomes an armadillo circus," interrogates the chronic pain I have from my congenital spinal condition and anemia. My work also explores how chronic illness is complicated when living in a postcolonial brown female body. The sheltering-in place has brought me to examine new levels of wellness, pain management, and cultural pride. I write to negotiate my pain and love the body I live in every day.

Visual Art