Artists by Last Name   G-M

Gillum, Edward

Grew up in Rawlins, Wyoming; undergrad at UC Santa Cruz; grad at SIU Carbondale; taught at Montana State-Billings; Arizona State at Tempe; currently a Professor of Sculpture at Fresno State; am President of the Board of Directors at Spectrum Art Gallery in the Tower District.

Goyne, Allen

Ruth and The Kernel are a husband and wife musical duo who originally started to bring music and comedy to rest homes. After COVID we started making videos at home using comedic elements as I learned video and audio editing in Reaper program.

Grosskrueger, Rachel

I am a Faculty of FSU and just moved to Fresno May of this year. I am active duty Air Force and am the ROTC instructor at the University.

Hammad, Reema

I am a photographer and artist from Bakersfield, CA. My focus is on portraits, landscapes, and nature photography. This pandemic has impacted a lot of my photography work, but also it gave me a chance to go back and focus on my abstract and expressionist paintings again.

Henderson, Dal

I have been a working artist for 50 years living in North America.

Hoyos, Carmen

I am a Belgian-Colombian artist, living in California. Painter, sculptor, photographer; Installations, events, Land-Art. Master of Arts' degree at “La Cambre”” School of Art - Brussels - Belgium. Initially my artistic work was located in Belgium. Then, I followed an international career, mainly in France, Colombia and the United States. I work in the techniques of contemporary art and multimedia. The heart of my creations is light, transparency and color. My works are often a response to a particular moment, as can be the seasons and variations of nature, or as can be the social events, the trepidations of the world. Also, at the moment, in contrast with the harshness of the moment, I want to create positive atmospheres. A joyful spirit often inhabits my works. This year, the world is hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Creation is adapting and creeping along the paths it is permitted, new technologies and digital creation, the movement and presence of works are "virtual".

Imperatrice, Aileen Rodriguez

I am an Artist, Writer, Public Speaker, Art Consultant/Advisor, Kidney Donor and very recent Cancer Survivor. I'm also a CSU Fresno Alumni. In the span of the last 3 years, I have donated my left kidney. That started a chain saving the lives of 18 kidney recipients;. I have taken care of my mother in her last year until she passed in November 2019. Two weeks after helping my family bury her, I was diagnosed with Cancer. So even before the shelter in place that required wearing a mask as a precaution, I was already wearing a mask to protect my health because my immune system was already depleted from the Cancer treatments; Chemotherapy and Radiation. The Pandemic created an interesting vacuum and very dangerous threat to add to this. I am now on my long road of recovery since my last treatments. I am currently in remission; my cancer is not curable. Through all this my art has been my positive focus, allowed me to hope for a future and be excited about what is happening in my art career.. As a 3rd and 4th generation American of Mexican/Native American descent, I have endured discrimination based on the color of my skin and my maiden name. But through all the challenges, I have persisted.  My art is a voice that I use to share my human experience. We are all human, we all have dreams and mine includes art. I have created art in some form most of my life and have done so professionally for just over 2 decades. I am represented in Los Angeles (while still living in Fresno), continue to exhibit with galleries all over the country and have art in a museum's permanent collection in Italy. I was awarded a 2018 Horizon Award by the Fresno Arts Council and am a featured artist in the Los Angeles Art Association Volume II catalog of emerging artists. I am also currently the co-host of Artful.TV, a talk/interview show about art and artists. My work is primarily about resilience; resilience in myself and in humanity through challenging circumstances.

Jefferson, Tweed

I started "The Walls Instead" as a group of musicians and songwriters collaborating via internet on each other's songs and working as a group of session players, a'la The Wrecking Crew or The Funk Brothers. Since then, it has morphed to encompass all of the things I'm passionate about. This includes suicide awareness and mental health care. As of June 2020, all proceeds from all media produced by The Walls Instead will go to finance our non-profit mental health care facility.

Erica Kahn

I am a theatre and dance double major at UC San Diego and an aspiring director/choreographer. I believe strongly in advocating for the importance of the arts and hope to increase awareness and appreciation for the arts throughout my career. I also run a volunteer youth theatre group I co-founded, called Scripps Onstage, that aims to educate and provide opportunities for students to get involved in the arts and produce original works.

Kenady, Lynzee

I live and paint in San Luis Obispo with my cat Kuan yin. I guess this poem came at the time that unrest started becoming violent over whether or not to wear a mask. The painting came just a few weeks ago when I passed this lovely person on a walk downtown. Thanks for this opportunity.....Lynzee

Knecht, Michele

I am a mosaic artist in Atascadero, primarily working in stained glass and tempered glass mosaic. I have been expressing myself through mosaic for 20 years. My work is represented in galleries in Los Olivos, Moss Landing and Loe Alamos, CA.

Knight, Melissa

I am an artist, poet, energetic healer, intercultural shaman and an Akashic practitioner. As a healer and artist, I created and serve as the CEO of The Art of Anger, Inc., an alternative mental health trauma transformation center (aka r 'rage room'), recognized as an alternative healing ESSENTIAL mental health service provider in California. I am also the principal consultant and owner of Knight Vision Consulting, Coaching, Visioning and Voyages, and the creator and host of the CMAC and YouTube TV Talk Show: Soar with Melissa Knight. I recently retired after 20 years as a full-time lecturer in Fresno State's Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Department.

Koo, Ah Ran

Dr. Ahran Koo is an Assistant Professor of Art Education in the Department of Art and Design at California State University, Fresno. As an artist, art educator, and art advocate, she promotes the efficacy of art to address cultural and social awareness. Locally and globally, she focuses on community art and critical multiculturalism, encourages interdisciplinary collaboration through social engagement, and advocates culturally responsive pedagogy.

Lopez, Christopher A.

Christopher A. Lopez is the Phebe Conley Gallery Technician at Fresno State. He received his MFA in New Practices at San Francisco State, University in 2013. Lopez is currently a member of Corridor 2122, an art collective in downtown Fresno where he continues his art practice in new media, video and sculpture.

Lyons, Diran

Diran Lyons earned a B.A. in Painting and Drawing at California State University, Fresno (2000) and an M.F.A in New Genres and Painting at University of California, Santa Barbara (2004), where he was a Regents Fellow. His multidisciplinary art practice is heavily conceptual with exacting craft and edgy content, including video and photography, collage and painting, indoor and outdoor installation, performance, and critical writing. Committed to the tradition established by Joseph Kosuth, Robert Smithson, and Barnett Newman, Lyons embraces the written word as an important part of his artistic practice, publishing texts and lecturing on philosophical issues, his own artwork, and that of others. For The Routledge Companion to Remix Studies (2015), Lyons contributed his essay, "An Aesthetics of Deception in Political Remix Video", which examines the relationship between his video work and the fields of aesthetics, politics, and linguistics. Lyons’ solo exhibitions consist of diverse bodies of work that explore a range of conceptual interests. At Corridor 2122 Gallery in Fresno, CA, No Known Name (2019) presented photography, video, and installation works documenting his performances at notable land art sites from the late 1960s and 1970s. Notes and Narratives: New Collage Work by Diran Lyons (2019) at Porterville College Art Gallery in Porterville, CA featured a series of Kodak prints integrating International Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque paintings with visages of Donald Trump and his associates. His solo exhibitions Political Remix Video: A Talk by Diran Lyons (2016) at Porterville College Art Gallery and Oil and War: A Critical Remix Festival at Gallery 25 in Fresno, CA (2011) hybridized exhibition and seminar formats, encouraging viewer participation through the engagement of formal political debate à la Joseph Beuys. ENGULFED, his solo museum exhibition at the Gulf Coast Museum of Art in Largo, FL (2006), affirmed the repurposing of existing ideas and materials by advancing Friedrich Nietzsche’s notion of the aesthetic object as a ‘creative lie.’ The exhibit consisted of six works tailored to appear as a group show of internationally recognized contemporary artists whose practices rework classical theories of the sublime. The artworks therein, comprised of manipulated found objects, video and sculptural installations, paintings, and photography, were produced by Lyons himself and had been hitherto unseen by the public. Each were labeled with the names of the artists fictitiously included in the exhibit to highlight the complex web of power dynamics between artist, audience, and the art institution as a trusted purveyor of museological discourse. Although he combines a variety of artistic media simultaneously into an exhibition context, Lyons is not a conventional gallery or museum artist.  His feature length experimental film, Goodbye Victoria (2009), won the “Best Feature Film” award at the Chashama Film Festival in Manhattan and earned the honor of inclusion in the 2009 International Streaming Festival highlight features program.

Martin, John

John Martin was trained to be an engineer, is paid to be a software developer, and has hopes to be an artist. Since moving to Central California six years ago, he has been painting scenes of toys, games and cigar boxes and hanging with the Paso Robles Art Association.

Medina, Brandy 

I am an artist and writer from Fresno, California. I also own a small business that has been closed due to COVID-19, so now I fill my free time by exploring my creativity at home.

Montoya-Gomez, Silvia

Silvia Montoya-Gomez is a self-taught artist whose art journey was sparked after stumbling across Carl Jung’s Red Book artwork while doing library research. Her early work focused on intricate pen and ink drawings with a focus on symbolism of Jungian psychology and later oil pastel portraits with a focus on the colors of emotions. More recently, her art has shifted to creating ephemeral nature art.

Myers, Paddy

I attended Fresno State in 1982. I have performed at FCC, Theatre 3, COS (Camelot), 2nd Space theatre and Roger Rockas. I am originally from London and call Fresno my home.