Artists by Last Name A-F

Amaral, Joe

Joe Amaral's first poetry collection “The Street Medic” won the 2018 Palooka Press Chapbook Contest. His writing has appeared in 3Elements Review, Anti-Heroin Chic, New Verse News, Poets Reading the News, Rise Up Review, River Heron Review, The Night Heron Barks and Writers of the Portuguese Diaspora. Joe works 24-hour shifts as a paramedic on the California central coast. You can find him at

Atkins, Joseph

I am fun, a bit shy, history lover, friendly, love sports, helpful to those in need. I am also a video game lover.

Barnes, Terry

I’m an Elementary School Principal and a local musician. I play in an acoustic folk trio - Terry Barnes Trio. I’ve played music since the age of four.  I joined the local performing scene about 5 years ago, braving Open mic to conquer my stage fright. I grew up in San Francisco and I’m a Fresno State graduate. I’m also a mother of two adult kids. Music is my sanctuary and I like to write humorous songs during stressful times.

Bickford, Shannon

I received my M.A. in Special Major (combining art and biology) and an M.S. in Psychology from California State University at Fresno. I retired after 20 years as a school psychologist and am devoting myself to family, my art and writing.

Bradshaw, Stephanie

Fresno State Lecturer for Departments of Art and Design, and Theatre Arts, Adjunct instructor of Art Appreciation/Introduction to Visual Culture. Explores the visual world through the use of iPhotos, gouache on paper, and oil on panel focusing on images of everyday life.

BreakBox Thought Collective (Jamillah Finley)

In 2018 Jamillah Fleming Finley, better known as “Lila” founded BreakBox Thought Collective- An organization dedicated to community collaboration across sectors to promote social change. The Indigo Sessions, BreakBox Tc’s newest initiative, formed a group of indie artists, spoken word poets, and community musicians called Collectiv to produce sound healing in an effort to process racial trauma and the impact of Black fatigue brought to the forefront by the COVID 19 Pandemic of 2020. As the anchor artist for the pilot of the Indigo Sessions, Lila and Collectiv engaged in mindfulness practice to enhance creative expression during improvisational jam sessions. These jam sessions produced a debut album, Soul of A Nation, which showcases Lila’s soulful and poetic voice. Since 2005, Lila has performed a variety of commissioned works for community events and special occasions. Teacher by day and artist by night, she was named Fresno Unified School District's Teacher of the Year and was nominated for Fresno County Office of Education's Educator of the Year. In 2015, the State of California Assemblyman, Henry T. Perea awarded Finley with the African American Heritage Award for Excellence in Education. From 2013-2015, she was consecutively named Artist in Residence for Fresno County Office of Education, as a spoken word artist and was awarded a $10,000 grant per year for her work with the Talented Tenth a performance art group whose fusion of spoken word art and devised theater performed around the State of California. Jamillah received the Black Chamber of Commerce Professional Woman Award for her work with the Talented Tenth. She was a fellow of The San Joaquin Valley Writing Project. She was also a recipient of the Tamejavi Fellowship for her work with marginalized voices.

Bue, Dottie Lo

I have a B.F.A. in pictorial art from San Jose State University and I assist in the painting and sculpture departments at CSU Stanislaus. My work is interdisciplinary and primarily focuses on the figure.

Cain, Andrew and Cristi Denni

My work deals with the ephemeral and memory. I create series that reinvent moments in time that deal with nostalgia and how we as a culture try to recreate moments and relive past experiences to extend the life of singular experiences,  which we do not want to let go. I use these moments as a way to connect with people, inviting viewers to interact with my work.  I divorce the memories from their original intent to create new moments in time in which we can cherish. Most of my ideas stem from single drawings that become prints, which then turn into sculptures, photographs and or installations. Each series usually culminates into a show, exhibition, or event.  I like the idea of the art becoming a moment, which will only be visible to experience in person for short periods of time. What remains of the show or event is memorabilia of what has transpired. However, the artwork itself  is not my concern.  Rather, the event of all the works together in one space, for one particular moment in time is part of the work itself. This idea allows me to move through different bodies of work, and ideas.  It has kept me prolific in art marking and has become a big part of my process.

Castañeda, Enedina

Enedina Castañeda is a poet, spoken word artist, educator and visual artist. She creates and performs bilingually in Spanish and English. In 2019, Castañeda performed in Mexico City and her handwritten poetry was on exhibit in the Mexican Embassy. She was distinguished as one of 43 Binational Mexican Artists Residing in the USA.

Church, Steven

I'm the author of 6 books of creative nonfiction, most recently the collection of essays, "I'm Just Getting to the Disturbing Part: On Work, Fear, and Fatherhood." I coordinate the M.F.A. Program in Creative Writing at Fresno State, where I also edit our literary magazine, The Normal School.

Davison, Erik and Linda Macchia

Central Valley artist for 25 years now residing in the Santa Cruz area.

Della Morte, Arthur

I am a Mexican-American music producer. I graduated from Long Beach City College as a recording engineer and have worked in my own studio recording bands from all over Long Beach and Los Angeles. Unfortunately, in the mid 2000's I had an accident. I fell five stories down a building in San Francisco. I broke my toes, my calves, my ankles, my knees, my legs and my back. It took me about 5 years to recover, I had to learn how to move again. Like a baby I had to learn to walk again. My music, my work, my personal life collapsed.  I lost everything, except my skills as a recording engineer and producer. This collection of songs represents my fall and rise. Music saved me. Music provided me with a new life, new hope, a new opportunity. Fast forward to 2020,  I am now trying to keep me and my family alive. Everything I learned from my accident as a young guy, prepared me to face this pandemic. These collections of songs have helped me survive the isolation that is taking a toll on all of us. The story of this album is the story of a kingdom that is going through war. At the moment it seems as if we are losing the battle but, in the end, I think we are going to prevail. We have to. We have to save our kingdom. This album is a representation of innovation in times of crisis. The entire album was produced with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence due to not being able to meet with musicians in a studio setting.

Dent, Stephen

Professor of Studio Arts, and Department Chair of Humanities, for Clovis Community College. I teach painting and figure drawing courses. I am also, a founding member of Corridor 2122 studio complex and exhibition space, located in downtown Fresno.

DuPertuis, Henry

Henry DuPertuis was born in Wyoming in 1921. He went to school at Colorado A&M (now Colorado State) and spent two terms at Clemson (US Army) before receiving his B.A. in Architecture from UC Berkeley. During his time in the military he was part of the US Army Airborne, Rhineland Campaign, ETO. Henry is married to Leona and they have four children and many grand kids. He has practiced architecture in the Central Valley for 48 years.

Faeth, Michael

Michael Faeth is a drummer and musician living in Fresno, CA. He plays drums in Atoms Are Aliens, Llama Boy, and Buzzbomb. He has also played and recorded with Kranky recording artists Jessamine and has been a touring drummer for The For Carnation. Faeth is currently recording new music for an upcoming solo album entitled "My Brother's Equations".

Freeney, William

3rd year M.F.A. student in CNF at FSU.